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  • Godzilla: “Next time you heard there is a King, don’t go to it. The Kong is dead, bury it. Consider this mercy.” King Kong: “Tell me, do you bleed?” Godzilla: Looking back at King Kong and then going back to the sea. King Kong: “You will!”

  • Back here watching this in 2020 wishing Disney would just reconsider 🥺

  • 2020 recomend

  • hay what about those 4 titans in Godzilla king of monsters are they gonna team up with him and kong's other monsters fight!!??

  • Its official now! Its happening,life isn't too bad after all👏👏

  • *IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!*

  • That music editing should have a video on it’s own

  • Whose here after the actual reunion is confirmed

  • Batman beyond? :D

  • I know this was made in 2018 but ugh I want to believe there will a “High School Musical 4 - The Reunion” or something

  • The music though. The music is the best thing about this, honestly.

  • february 2020 and there is no sign of this movie coming out.......🙄🙄

  • H


  • This trailer. Fan scares me it's very well done

  • I don't think I'll be able to unsee him fucking a mermaid

  • In this fight, I believe Godzilla will actually pull off a win since last time they squared up. Kong won so im giving this win to zilla

  • This is WAYYYYYY better than Disney I want this to happen so bad!!!!

  • I kinda find it funny in these thumnails that owen doing the thing i forgot what it was called

  • this should never be..... #kong #underdog #batman vs superman anyone????

  • Waiting

  • 0:03 scene of independence day resurgence

  • Can i ask where are these clips from?

  • This seems real tho

  • Wait this was an edit.... I was SO happy jeez my heart is broken now wait was this an edit or is it real?

  • In the movie I hope its not a tie 👌🎥

  • It's happening

  • Did I just miss hear that or the first lines of the trailer was from Godzilla King of the monster. 😅😅

  • I feels like see a vampire change To be A Batman .. Blood sucker become the real Bat Lol

  • Diego serreno Godzilla is much better than Kong

  • Kong won't stand a chance against

  • Lol

  • BTTF 4: Quest of the Salvation of the Crystal Skull

  • WOW, what a track!

  • The trailer says nothing😏

  • It's the stupidest compilation of irrelevant scenes. I don't know about the film, it might be great, it might suck, but at least wait for a real trailer before you judge

  • It’s happening ❤️❤️

  • childhood hear bet again after watch this again!!..I know it will be really hard, but I really really hope I can see hsm4 before I dead 🤣🤣🤣

  • Who's here after they confirmed the *reunion* !?!?!!?!?!

  • Fakersss the first part whn the UN humvee the scene is on independence day

  • He is much way darker than any Man who portrayed Batman, He is handsome as what a Playboy Bruce Wayne should be... His charisma is what a Batman should be.

  • So this was after the SAGA. I cant see any Batman, all I see is Edward "Wayne" Collins!!!

  • Godzilla and Kong will fight. One of them wins. Along comes Mecha Godzilla. The winner of the first fight will lose against. Mecha Godzilla. Then both monsters will team up against Mecha Godzilla. End. ;) We'll find out on Nov. 20th.

  • ハイスクールミュージカルは私の青春です😊 4が見られるとは嬉しい!


  • i can’t be the only one that heard the star wars theme in this

  • Everyone : Are you a vampire? Robert : No, I'm Batman

  • Godzilla 🆚 Bowser/Koopzilla Kong VS Donkey Kong/Donking Kong

  • I can’t stop thinking of Owlman from Watchmen when I see his face. Idk why.

  • Reasons why Godzilla would actually win this, long as favouritism isnt being used. Kong gets cut open by a propeller that'd snap on Godzilla. Godzilla=Tank of Armor and super strong. Kong=Simpleton intelligence and gets trapped by chains and cut open. Kong=No special Godzilla=Blue breath of death. Kong may have agility and be able to use weapons he can get his hands on. But godzilla has all-round arsenal, such as tail, ray breath, jaws of kong piercing teeth and claws. Kongs teeth would snap on godzillas armouros skales. Kong would be to weak to snap a flute on godzillas back to pierce him. Godzilla could even just drag kong down to the oceans abyss and drown kong... Its basically logic to know Godzilla really would win this claws down. But directors have to gain favor from fan boys and make kong a worthy opponent.. And screw that old Japanese GZvKK, that was rubbish.. No real winner, I'd call that one a stale mate. The director has said, "their will be a definitive winner" but followed up with "one way or another" So in reading between the lines, it may not be by direct loss to one another, it could be by whom ever best the titan that is more then likely to interrupt their match up. My prediction is. After the major set up by humans, and probably a whole bunch of talking and flashback scenes, Kong and Zilla gonna duke it out in a epic battle causing both to be weakened to an extent to build the suspense of the monster interruption of a hostile. Also humans will probably try and kill both(only to build a climatic failure to kill either) Then the two will tag up on the monster interrupting, when it seem bleak for mankind to win against the new threat. Whom ever best that hostile monster will either be declared the King, or will be sucker punched by the other for dramatic purposes. Then at the end will get that Freddy vs. Jason hint both are still alive.

  • Great editing. You almost had me...

  • bring back batfeck this looks terrible

  • so fucking ugly

  • He will always be Cedric Diggory!💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

  • Trailer for Godzilla vs Kong In March: A. 1-7 B. 8-14 C. 15-21 D. 22-28 E. 29-31 F. None Of The Above

  • how many of u think this as a darth vader tune..

  • I love that the Bat symbol looks almost exactly like the Arkham series Bat symbol

  • Robin: Bruce, we have to go to China and save people from this coronovir.... *Slap* Batman: I'm the main dish over there you dipshit

  • You wanna know what’s fucking sad? People get older and everyone is being replaced :(

  • Here we go again with reboots smh

  • Wow, DC really has a love hate relationship with Batman. They love to remake Batman over and over and over again. And let's be honest, the only Good DC movies were Man of Steel... I've got nothing. Wonder Woman was... Okay. The way she took out Aries was kinda lame. The movie itself was, meh. Batman V Superman was horrible. Justice League was just as bad. Suicide Squad, ugh. I shudder thinking about it. I haven't seen Aquaman. Shazam looks cool... If you're 14

  • With a lot of respect to mr Pattinson but fuck him. It takes another 80Kg being Batman. He just dont fit. Affleck at least is a gorilla.

  • Nice bro

  • I wont judge him prematurely, god knows we have all heard people complain over affleck and Keaton, but.... looking away from Pattinson, this trailer did not feel like a batman movie at all, nor like Batman in the way the dialogue was written, so I can't be excited for this

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger as Alfred?....get in da bat mobile nowww!!

  • The music sounds strangely familiar...

  • I dont know why but I feel like John barrowman would play a great batman

  • Godzilla better win

  • Godsilla whin


  • I'm so in for this

  • I kinda like how he looks crazy probably going to be a good movie

  • I wish this would happen

  • I think it’s gonna have Mecha king ghidorah its just an idea

  • Love how all the marvel fan boys are saying he looks like Daredevil ! Ppfffff! Daredevil is what was copied from batman ! All in all looks like this batman film will be good when Bruce was still young and made his first suit, we shall see.

  • This trailer is bs, every single scene was from the first movie

  • Daredevil?

  • Thats why they did Kong bigger :0

  • Nada haver, Vingadores 5 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • It will likely be set somewhere in between Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: Ragnarok, given that Thor leaves with the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

  • This shits gonna be awful

  • Me before Dawn of Justice: "Ben Affleck could never be Batm-" DC: "Hold our beers." Me now: Robert Pattinson could never be Batma-" DC in 2020: "Hold our White Claws."

  • *LiiGhT rEd, DC maN sTeAl dArEdeViL*

  • The fact that they are actually going to do this now!!

  • Friends was only funny if you were an idiot or a teenage girl, intelligent people watched Frasier.

  • It’s only fair if galactus shows up

  • Omg 2020 and Jenifer Aniston said a reunion is coming

  • As a DC fan I say keep his mask og I kinda don't like those new one this is only my opinion though

  • What movies did you use for this trailer?

  • Gzilla's my dude but man this gona be one funny ass fight lol...Kong with TWO full sized arms and fists verses Gzilla with T-Rex pincers lmfaooo...Kong just needs to watch a few ufc submission vids and he's good.

  • Nooooooo why ???

  • Me: *seeing Monica and Chandelier apart* crying Me: *Rachel comforting Monica* crying Me: *seeing Rachel crying* crying Me: *Joey winning oscar* crying Me: *sees whole thing* crying

  • I smell guano. Worst teaser trailer and crappiest batsuit I’ve seen (from what you can see of it). Despite the excellent theme music, a great soundtrack isn’t going to save this film if Pattinson tanks in the role. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been a huge Batman fan longer than most of you have been alive, and I want him to do a great job as the Caped Crusader, but I have my doubts. Regardless, I’ll be happy to see Robert Pattinson succeed and finally get out from under the stigma of being a sparkly vampire.

  • 0:56 Did they really just take that clip from The Dark Knight?

  • Ohhh...a. vampire bat.......

  • I hate jan

  • The music is chilling. Its more suited on Thanos.


  • Its so dark its definitely from the dc universe

  • This is a combination of Avatar and Star Trek: Into Darkness.